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Wikitravel:Articles needing attention

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This page is for listing articles that need some attention. They're not stubs, that is, articles that are too short or don't address their subject fully. Rather, they're articles that don't match our manual of style, or that need some ing, or otherwise just need a once over.

Please use {{style}} to mark the page as needing work. It will display:

Obviously, if you see an article that needs some work on it, you should plunge forward and just the page. This list is more for stuff that you recognize needs some work, but you don't have the time, energy, or wherewithal to do it yourself. We appreciate any help, even if it's just identifying where additional work needs to be done.

If you see an article that needs work, add a link to it below, preferably in a section it's related to. Also give some idea of what you think needs to be done.

See also: Article status, Help wanted, Stubs needing attention, Factbook imports needing attention

wikitravel articles needing attention Travel Guide :




  • Gambia -- Still has CIA stuff. Listings need to move to city pages.

Cote d'Ivoire

  • Cote d'Ivoire -- Some valuable travel information on the talk page.

South Africa


Central Asia

East Asia


South Asia


  • Andhra Pradesh - needs to be broken up or formatted along the lines of the templates. - Huttite 08:48, 28 Sep 2004 (EDT)
    • This seems to have been done now. However, there's a new problem with this page: the Other destinations section. It appears that many of the listings do not meet the "Can you sleep there?" test: ie many are temples or similar. -- Hypatia 16:17, 14 Dec 2004 (EST)
  • Kerala backwaters needs to be converted to either the region template or become more of an itinerary.
  • Lucknow -- needs all the basic info. Nothing anywhere on the web since it's really not a tourist destination. All the better reason to have the info here...Majnoona 17:05, 15 Apr 2004 (EDT)
  • Mysore (region) -- Needs to be brought in line with manual of style. Moved here from listing under Tibet. Really needs cities split out and general context (ie that it's part of India, etc)
  • Hyderabad -- A lot of info, needs formatting and maybe some trimming back... Majnoona 20:19, 8 Apr 2005 (EDT)


  • Everest The article looks like a combination of a region and an itenerary. Needs to be split into two.

South East Asia


  • Laos -- The "Best Journeys" stuff needs to be exploded to the right articles or moved to itineraries.




Middle East


  • Rehovot has personal links (currently commented out) which need to be mined for information.

United Arab Emirates



  • Melbourne - probably time for this to be modified to match the huge city template
  • Mt Warning National Park - A copyright violation - needs to be reworked into a template.
  • Queensland -- needs a complete list of sub-regions. It's a large state with a pretty large number of towns, it can't be a leaf region.
  • Wineglass Bay - typical newbie mistakes. Should probably be integrated in main Tasmania article anyway.



  • St. Anton -- rambling first-person plug needs to be ed down
  • Vienna -- needs to be ed down, template, MoS, and something funny with char set Majnoona 22:50, 12 Apr 2004 (EDT)


  • Ixelles-Elsene should probably be moved to a subpage of Brussels; it is described as a district of Brussels. -- nils


  • Dubrovnik - a popular place, needs lots of work doing
  • Split - useful for the islands - needs more
  • Zagreb - lively capital, needs lot of work


  • Normandy and Haute-Normandie - These two articles refer to pretty much the same place. Probably should be merged or at least reorganised.
    • not exactly the same thing - haute normandie is only half of Normandy. I did a quick to make things clearer, but it should be improved. Toitoine 14:31, 8 Aug 2005 (EDT)


  • Berlin needs some ing, style-fixing and also still many additions; split into districts is only halfway complete


  • Tilos -- travelogue to be mined for useful info-- Paul Richter 03:59, 14 Apr 2004 (EDT)
  • Crete contains references geared specifically towards tourists from the UK. This isn't a big problem - it can be likely generalized, but someone who knows the matter should take a look at it



  • Rome -- just took a huge stab at it, but needs more. Lots of info should be on Italy page and more should be ed down. Plenty of good stuff in there tho.. Majnoona 00:05, 13 Apr 2004 (EDT)
  • Bologna -- An annonymous user's contribution, with a template added to make it look pretty. Needs a good depersonalisation and perhaps made more NPOV. -- Huttite 21:25, 1 Jan 2005 (EST)



  • Krakow mentions a city named Tarnow. It should probably be moved into its own article - ideally by someone familiar with the region. Caroline 21:45, 19 Jul 2004 (EDT) Needs more specific hotels & restaurants + pictures.


  • Bratislava -- Copied from an outside source by the author, needs trimming to become a real guide


  • Huesca -- needs manual of style reformat. Based on description, I'm guessing this is in Spain.

United Kingdom

  • Is it the Lake District or Cumbria? Are these two articles about the same place? Discuss how should we develop these articles? -- Huttite 19:15, 4 Jan 2005 (EST)
Well, the Lake District is about 80% of the middle of Cumbria, with some bigger towns outside around it. It's a bit of a difficult one - to stop them almost totally overlapping and repeating each other. Perhaps a really bold bit at the start of the cumbria article pointing people to the Lake District article except for the towns not seen as part of it or useful hubs for it. It would seem a bit unfair to just have a redirect from Cumbria to the LD. DanielC 16:09, 9 May 2005 (EDT)
  • Manchester/Salford Quays needs template Nils 20:38, 17 Jul 2004 (EDT)
  • Wales has a really quite large and growing list of small cities on the main country page. It seem s like it might be time to split into several regions. Hypatia 05:13, 11 Apr 2005 (EDT) - done 11 April 2005

North America

Caribbean islands

  • Virgin Islands -- a "sailboat hostel" provider has added links to themself from every conceivable section: Learn, Get around, Sleep. I assume the link itself is genuine, but a high level region article like this doesn't seem to be the right place for it. Where do we put providers like this??



  • The restaurant listings on Mexico City need to be fitted into the appropriate districts.

United States


  • Los Angeles -- it's big, it's bad, it needs some help. Need both content and a reorg exisiting content to fit into regions: right now there are details a high levels and generalizations a lower detailed levels...
  • Santa Rosa -- needs some hard ing to purge the negative stuff. Sounds like a tongue-in-cheek rant but has interesting content too.


  • Disneyworld -- Too many subdivisions?
    • I took a stab at this one. I think something along the lines of Disneyland Paris is better suited, but having written that article I am not unbiased. I do not know anything about Disneyworld myself so I can not really change/add info. -- Nils 09:04, 23 May 2004 (EDT)
  • Florida. The Cities section is accumulating a list of minor cities because the ors don't know what regions to list them in. Someone who knows Florida should either create more regions or move the cities into the appropriate existing region.


  • Idaho -- needs to be pulled in line with the region article template, plus some judicious ing and rearrangement.
    • I had a fair attempt to template it. Now the prose needs ing -- Huttite 05:30, 3 Jan 2005 (EST)


  • Boston/Fenway-Kenmore -- A great wad of text that needs to be worked into a district template to find anything.





  • Dallas -- A promising start but needs some fairly major cleanup.
  • Houston -- Just needs a few more sections filled out and it will be ready for the Main Page.

New York


Central America

South America


  • Brazil -- needs proofreading and ing by a native or very fluent speaker of English.



  • Colombia - A country article with a factbook tail that needs integrating.


  • Asuncion - Has country info that could be reworked into the country article and the whole article looks like a very negative review.


  • Andahuaylas -- needs copying and template fixes
  • Huancayo and some other pages linked from Peru don't fit in too well with the normal wikitravel style/standard imo. --Nils 22:38, 25 Mar 2004 (EST)


Oceans and Islands

  • Kona is based on a very informal first person account. Needs addresses and phone numbers for the existing entries.
No. One of the main reasons to visit the Galapagos is the wildlife. I think that all this info in the main article would overpower it. It is a similar article to African flora and fauna. -- DanielC 07:39, 13 Jun 2005 (EDT)
  • Tahiti needs some love! Pretty much blank in all areas


Travel topics

  • First and business class discounters -- Might be an illegal or legally questionable practice. Need some further information, including: airline industry info on the the practice, US, European and other legal information.
    • It's against the rules of most airline frequent flier programs, but it's not illegal in a criminal or even civil law way though (except in Utah as noted in the article), and the worst possible "punishment " is that both parties in the transactions lose their miles. I've clarified the article a little. Jpatokal 06:06, 8 Mar 2005 (EST)
  • Finding accommodation -- is currently just an article about different types of accommodation (some of which are evolving their own articles anyway, eg Hostels), should really contain info about strategies for finding accommodation.
  • Mosquitoes -- s made on 23 Dec 2004 by User talk:Dewet may have changed the style of the article. Lots more facts, but now too scientific and detailed? Needs a re-emphasis to bring the essential and important facts to the reader's attention.
    • I have removed the copyvio'ed wikipedia content; now the article is (almost) solely about malaria prevention, and I'd suggest moving it to that title. --Dewet 04:51, 4 Jan 2005 (EST)


  • Chinese phrasebook - Is it? Some of these words look like Spanish to me. Besides which Chinese dialect is it? - This page was an Orphan Page too!
    • Looks like Putonghua. The guy who started it copied from the Spanish phrasebook instead of the template. It needs to have hanzi, pinyin with tones, and pseudophonetics for all phrases. -phma 13:26, 18 Mar 2004 (EST)
  • Hindi-Urdu phrasebook - needs Urdu spelling as well as Hindi, and the transcriptions need stress indicated. -phma 13:26, 18 Mar 2004 (EST)
  • Malayalam phrasebook - is just a stub without even any template text. - Huttite 07:20, 10 Apr 2004 (EDT)

Lost children

This is for articles that don't seem to meet our goals, or look like a mishmash of other kinds of articles.

  • Bavarian food - Either integrate into Bavaria or (better) expand to fully describe all the dishes listed. - Huttite 05:54, 8 Mar 2005 (EST)
    • Food shouldn't have their own article, it belongs in Bavariaq --> Eat
  • Surrey (disambiguation) - A disambiguation page waiting for someone to write articles so it can be used to disambiguate them. Should move to Surrey once Surrey moves to Surrey (England)Surrey (England), otherwise it is not needed ... - Huttite 10:01, 23 Jan 2005 (EST)
  • Blue VoyageBlue Voyage - Crusing the Aegean Coast of Turkey. Doesn't really fit anywhere at present and has minimal content. It is barely an article. -- Huttite 09:43, 18 Jul 2005 (EDT)

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