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Quick Facts
Coordinates52°14' N,
21°01' E
Population (officially)1,689,648 (2003)
Population (metropolitan)~2,269,000 (2003)
Tel. Area Code22, +48 22

Warsaw (Polish: Warszawa) is the capital of Poland and its largest city. It is located on the Vistula river roughly 350 km from both the Baltic coast and the Carpathian MountainsCarpathian Mountains (Karpaty). The city, also the capital of Masovian Voivodship (Mazowsze), is home to many industries (manufacturing, steel, electrical engineering, automotive industry), higher learning institutions, a philharmonic orchestra, the National Theater and Opera.

warsaw Travel Guide :



Palace of Culture and SciencePalace of Culture and Science
Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw is said to be like the mythological phoenix - it has been destroyed several times in its history, yet it survived all storms and lives on. After the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 approximately 85% of the buildings were destroyed and all the inhabitants killed or expelled. It was partially reconstructed in the fifties, but the majority of the buildings are not historic. That's why at first glance Warsaw might seem a little faceless, gray and uninteresting. However, both its history and its present climate make Warsaw an interesting place that is definitely worth a visit.

The reconstruction of the city was not radical and there are lots of places where Soviet architecture stands side by side with Baroque churches and Art-Deco houses. Huge blocks of flats overview the lovely Old Town area, and such contrasts are clearly visible in almost every part of the city.



Warsaw lays on two banks of Vistula (pl: Wis?a) river. City Center and Old Town are on the left side, and whole right side is called in general Praga.

  • Left side of Vistula (Western) districts
    • Central: ?ródmie?cie (eng: City Center) that includes Old Town and New Town
    • Nortern: ?oliborz | Bielany | Bemowo
    • Western: Wola | Ochota | W?ochy | Ursus
    • Southern: Mokotów | Wilanów | Ursynów
  • Praga - right side of Vistula (Eastern) districts
    • Northern: Praga Pó?noc | Targówek | Bia?o??ka
    • Southern: Praga Po?udnie | Rembertów | Wawer | Weso?a

Do not get confused by the fact that Praga is also Polish name for Prague/Czech Republic, and W?ochy is Polish name for Italy.


Get in


By plane

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport (WAW, also known as Ok?cie Airport after district it is in), is located in Warsaw, only a few kilometers from city center. Polish Airlines LOT, and most major European airlines connect Warsaw with the most of major European cities, and destinations on other continents (like New York, Chicago, Sydney).

Low-cost airlines land at the Etiuda (etude) terminal, which adapted from an old terminal of Frederic Chopin Airport. It is just about 300 meters from main Terminal 1, and the Domestic Terminal.

Bus number 175 (watch out, pickpockets especially like this line) connects the airport to the Central Rail station (Dworzec Centralny), which is in the Center of the City, and with the Old Town. Another bus, number 188, will take you to the Praga - the district on the right side of Vistula. It is also possible to use taxis (see Taxis below).

When you leave Warsaw, take care that you come about 1-2 hours before your scheduled take-off, due to extended security checks at the terminal.

More: Poland::By plane, Polish Airlines LOT (, Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport (


By train

There are three main rail stations in Warsaw: Dworzec Zachodni (Warszawa Zachodnia, Warsaw West), Dworzec Centralny (Warszawa Centralna, Warsaw Central) and Dworzec Wschodni (Warszawa Wschodnia, Warsaw East). The other stations serve only local trains.

Warszawa Zachodnia and Warszawa Centralna are placed on the west bank of the Vistula River, and Warszawa Wschodnia is placed on the east bank. All three stations are connected, so every train that stops on Warszawa Centralna also stops at Warszawa Wschodnia, and usually (note, that not every one) also at Warszawa Zachodnia.

Generally trains running eastwards start at Warszawa Zachodnia, stop at Warszawa Centralna and then at Warszawa Wschodnia, while train heading westwards make the same trip in the opposite direction. The same is true for arriving trains and tourists often find it confusing that the main train station (Warszawa Centralna) is not the last station on the route.

All the trains are operated by Polish State Railways (Polskie Koleje Pa?stwowe, PKP). PKP keeps connection with number of European cities (see Poland::By train). There are also InterCity trains, which connect Warsaw with many cities of Poland (like Kraków, Katowice, Szczecin, Gda?sk). Suburban trains are going to other stations (the nearest in the Center is station Warszawa-?ródmie?cie; this station is easy to reach by foot from the Central Station and from the Metro station "Centrum").

See: Get out by train section (rail stations guide), Polish State Railways (


By car

  • from W: E30 (partially A2 expressway) Berlin (570 km) - Pozna? (312 km) - KoninKonin - Warsaw
  • from E: E30 Brest (Belarus) (200 km) - SiedlceSiedlce (95 km) - Warsaw
  • from NE: E67 BialystokBia?ystok (192 km) - Warsaw
  • from N: 51 Kaliningrad (Russia) (350 km) - OlsztynOlsztyn (210 km) - E77 - Warsaw
  • shorter alternative from Kaliningrad exist
  • from N: E75 (partially A1 expressway) Gda?sk (390 km) - Toru? (205 km) - 10 - PlonskP?o?sk - Warsaw
  • shorter alternative from Gda?sk exist
  • from S: E77 Budapest (700 km) - ZvolenZvolen (Slovakia) (540 km) - Kraków (290 km) - Kielce (180 km) - RadomRadom - Warsaw
  • from SW: E462 Brno (Czech Republic) (560 km) - CieszynCieszyn (365 km)- Bielsko BialaBielsko Bia?a - E75 - Katowice - Piotrkow TrybunalskiPiotrków Trybunalski (132 km) - E67 - Warsaw

By bus

Many international connections (see Poland::By bus). Most of them arrives to Dworzec PKS Warszawa Zachodnia. Walk under the (avenue) al. Jerozolimskie, to bus stop, and take bus 408, 508, 517, or 523 to get to the City Center.

More information on domestic routes in Get out by bus section.


Get around

  • You will be walking along streets (ulica, ul.), avenues (aleja, al.), squares (plac, pl.), roundabouts (rondo). Traveling by bus (autobus), tram (tramwaj), underground (metro), and taxi (taxi, or taksówka). To get into you will wait on a stop (przystanek) or at the station (stacja).
  • Streets are in general on ortogonal plan. Building numbering follows one of two rules: 1) increase in the same direction that Vistula flow on parallel streets , or 2) increse while distance from Vistula rises on orthogonal. There are of course some exceptions from that rule, with major of Pu?awska street. Also be aware that Polish addresses are written in order StreetName HomeNumber ApartmentNumber (eg. al. Jerozolimskie 20 m. 5, or ul. Emilii Plater 12/4)
  • Map:
  • Take note that areas covered by blocks of flats built in 1970's and 1980's follow different set of rules. Usually the streets have different names while houses located nearby are named differently. For instance in the borough of Ursynów (southern part of the city) it is common that a street has its own name while houses standing on both sides of it have two different street names (eg. Belgradzka street has houses named after Ma?ej ??ki street to the south and Na Uboczu street to the north of it, while there are no houses named after the actual Belgradzka street).



  • Central point of Warsaw is Palace of Culture and Science (Pa?ac Kultury i Nauki). Two major adjecting streets are Marsza?kowska street and Jerozolimskie avenue. Remaining ones are Emilii Plater street and Jana Paw?a II avenue both parallel to Marsza?kowska and ?wi?tokrzyska parallel to Jerozolimskie.
  • entrance to underground Metro Centrum is located between Marsza?kowska and Jerozolimskie crossing and Palace of Culture
  • on the opposite side of Palace of Culture there is flat building of Central Railway Station (Dworzec Centralny). It is adjecting to Jerozolimskie between Emilii Plater and Jana Paw?a II.
  • People often arrange to meet in front of low round building of PKO Bank called Rotunda (opposite to Metro Centrum entrance), but large space just in front of Metro entrance is also good meeteing point (beware — it's on level -1 of entrance at Jerozolimskie avenue side)
  • Chmielna and Nowy ?wiat are the main promenades.
  • Old Town begins at the North end of Krakowskie Przedmie?cie street.


The main tourist center of Warsaw is a square about 2 km wide, on the flat terrain, so it should not be a problem to walk through the city. Wilanów is placed about 15 km outside the center, so you will probably need a bicycle, car or bus to get there. All streets have pavements.

When you cross the road, it is forbidden to cross while the red light sign is on, even if there is no car on the road. On not signaled crossing, cars has to stop if pedestrians are already on crossing, but many drivers does not respect it enough, so be careful.


Public transport

All public transport is supervised by ZTM (Warsaw Transport Authority, Zarz?d Transportu Miejskiego). 24h phone information: +48 22 9484.



The same ticket type is used for trams, buses and metro.

Warsaw offers many different tickets, the full tariff is displayed on each stop. Consider, if it is better to use one-ride ticket, 24-hour ticket, 3-day ticket or week-ticket.

Tickets types:

  • single ride: 2.40 z?
  • 24 hours: 7.20 z? (valid exactly 24 hours, night buses included)
  • 3 day: 12 z? (valid till 23:59 of 3rd day, night buses included)
  • 1 week: 24 z? (valid till 23:59 of 7th day, night buses included)
  • single ride at night line: 4.80 z? (you can use two regular tickets)
  • single ride at suburban line: 4.80 z? (if go out of the city)
  • luggage or bicycle: free
  • fine for traveling without ticket: 120 z? (or 30% less if you pay instantly or within 7 days)
  • also variety of other tickets available (30, 90 days valid with photo id of for anyone, suburban variants of all of above, ...)
  • see also full tariff ( (in English)
  • students of foreign high schools and universities holding valid ISIC card to the end of their 26th year can travel at reduced fare. Ask for ticket with 48% reduction (1.25 z?, 3,70 z?, 5.20 z?, etc.)

starting Feb 1, 2005:

  • children till the age of school duty (as confirmed by accompanying adult), elder, over 70 years old (keeping photo ID that contains their birth date), can travel for free

Normally you buy tickets in the kiosk, on the pavement. The shops that do selling of tickets have the mark "sprzeda? biletów ZTM". If not possible, you may buy single ride ticket by the driver (only while on stop). Additional fee of 0.60 z? will be added. But note that you may be fined for lack of valid ticket even if driver couldn't sell you one (eg. sold out all).

Remember to check the ticket just after you get in the bus or tram (even if bought at the driver). Each periodic ticket will have its expiration date printed, after being checked for the first time. You don't have to check it again, although you can.


Buses and trams

Warsaw has large bus (170+ daytime and 14 night lines), and tram (30+ lines) network. Some distant places may have worse connection with the center, however you should get from any place to the center with maximal one change.

There is a convention of numbering the lines:

  • 1-49 — trams (40+ — peak hours only), 640 — night tram line
  • 1xx — normal buses, that should stop on every bus stop
  • 3xx — normal buses, peak hours only
  • 5xx — accelerated buses, do not stop everywhere, some stops on request
  • 4xx — accelerated buses, peak hours only
  • E-x — express lines, stops on distant districts and then in center
  • 2xx — non-regular lines, only on special occasions
  • 6xx — night buses
  • 7xx — suburban buses
  • 8xx — suburban buses (limited hours)

Selected lines:

  • bus line 100, touristic line, many interesting points on route. Old Town — ?oliborz — Praga — Zoo — City Center — ...
  • bus line 180, touristic line. Pow?zki Cementary — Old Town — Nowy ?wiat — Wilanów
  • bus line 175. Frederic Chopin Warsaw Airport — Dworzec Centralny (Railway Station) — City Center — ...

Normally buses operates every 8-12 minutes, but often much more seldom off peek or on some less frequently used lines. In general daytime buses operate in rough 5AM-11PM, but exact schedule is displayed on each stop. Services are rather punctual with exceptions while traffic is very heavy during peek hours (and Fridays or rainy days are the worst).

Some stops are on request (na ??danie) only. That means that you will need to give signal to the driver if you want to get in, or get out. They will be marked in schedule by na ??danie comment, or as a graphical symbol of empty circle (usually within vehicle). To stop the bus while waiting on a stop, wave your stretched hand crosswise to the road; to get out, press a stop/na ??danie button located whitin the bus, either over the doors (older models) or on hand-rails (modern busses). Note that both accelerated and normal buses may have na ??danie stops.

Sometimes (especially in winter time) you may need to press the button on the side of doors to open them.

Night buses operate between 11PM-5AM in fixed 30 minutes intervals (few exceptions), and cover the city (routes ( . All of them have one common stop at Warsaw Central Railway Station, Dworzec Centralny (at the opposite side looking from Jerozolimskie, or at nearby Emilii Plater street), and for easy connection all of them stops there for a few minutes and departs at 15 and 45 minutes after full hour. Be especially careful when changing there, to select right bus going in right direction (scheme ( Each line have two stops, from which buses departs in opposite directions. Apart of Dworzec Centralny stop, all are na ??danie.

Timetable (in Polish, see timetable phrasebook) is available sort by line numbers ( or by stop names ( Also online search ( Courses marked by parenthesis are low-floor, so you may easy access vehicle (if you need help, call the driver).

See also: Tram network (, city limit ( stops (double fare if you cross).



Only line of Metro (subway) connects the Ursynów by City Center (Centrum) with ?oliborz. The Warsaw Metro is quite modern, clean and well-kept and may be worth seeing.

For the Metro the same tickets as for buses and trams are used.

On each station you will find the overview plan of Warsaw (the same is in every train), and a small plan of the surrounding area of the station with the exits and streets shown. There are two clocks by each track: the one with the accurate time and the other with the time that passed since last train

Metro operates between 5AM and midnight and trains go about every 4 minutes in peek, 7-10 off peek.

There are lifts and/or slipways for the disabled on every station. Please note that when you use the lift, you don't pass the gates. So don't forget to check the ticket before entering a lift.

See also: Warsaw Metro ( (in Polish)



The maximum price per 1 km is set by the city's board. Official taxi should have its number (black numbers on the white background under the window on the door), a taxi-sign, price of km in fare 1 (see below) in the corner of rear side window, the driver's ID card visible. The most secure (in terms of not getting ripped off) is to use a taxi from one of the taxi phone companies; you will identify such car simply by its telephone number, and maybe some adverts, on the roof of the car. Prices differ from 1.20 to 2.00 PLN/km (as of 2004) during daytime. This could get doubled at nights, weekends and public holidays or if you're traveling outside the city area. The price is clearly displayed on the meter. Not all the taxis will accept plastic for payment.

The driver must issue you a receipt if you ask for it. This should include description of route, price, and a stamp print of the driver with his name. Call City Guard Stra? Miejska (at 986 or +4822986 from mobile) if the drivers refuse to issue proper receipt.

You may stop the taxi on the street (raise your hand), or take it at taxi-stop. You will not go with it if the taxi already has a passenger(s). When paying the price you may give a tip to the driver, usually not more than about 10%, it is nice but not obligatory.

Again, always try to use the cabs with the their phone and their "taxi corporation" name displayed on top of the roof. Pay special attention to this at the airport and central railway station. There are many "mafia taxis," which charge up to five times the normal rate. Beware of pseudo taxis that display variation of TAXI sign (eg. TAX, TAKSI, etc.). They operate legally but are not taxis, so do not need to follow municipal rules (may have high fares, or do not have a meter).

  • current maximal rates per km (as of Jan 2005)
    • 3.00 PLN (fare 1, taryfa 1, daytime at weekdays, in city) but as stated above, the usual fare is between 1.20 and 2.00 PLN
    • 4.50 PLN (fare 2, taryfa 2, night 10PM-6AM, weekends & holidays, in city)
    • if take a ride outside the city, and don't take ride back, on city border fare will be doubled (fare 3, fare 4)
    • 6.00 PLN fixed entrance fee
    • 40.00 PLN hour of waiting (all fares)
    • source act: Uchwa?a nr XXXVI/478/2001 Rady m. st. Warszawy z 25.06.2001 (,000127.html) (in Polish)
  • there is no practice of any surcharges on additional person (normally up to 4 should fit), or luggage
  • there is no surcharge for getting taxi by phone.
  • official Warsaw's taxi companies (,000210.html) (with phone numbers, fares, in Polish)


  • Never leave any valuables inside the unattended car (even for 10 minutes). No laptops(!), cell phones, purse, briefcases. If cannot take with you at least hide in trunk. Remove or hide car-hifi if possible. Try to avoid leaving money in visible place (it's not worth broken glass). If you have Western plates, park in guarded parkings during nights.
  • Parking in city center is paid Monday to Friday, 8AM-6PM. Tarrif is 0.50 z? if less then 15 minutes, 1 z? for less then 30 minutes, or 2.60 z? per hour (no maximal time limit).

Rent a car

Major international rental companies has branches in Warsaw. Surely you will find an office in airport. Also booking by Internet in advance may good idea (price often vary depending where you come from and how and when you book). You may find also smaller local agencies.

Few Western European car rental companies will allow you to drive one of their cars into Poland, even though most of these companies also operate in Poland. The reason for this is supposed to be because of theft, however, Poland is relatively safe.



Warsaw does not have very good bicycle infrastructure. There are bicycle paths, mostly outside of the city centre. Also be very careful when bicycle path cross the street. Drivers will rarely yield to bicycles. If there is no bicycle path along the street, the law says that it is forbidden to ride on sidewalk.

  • Nice bicycle routes
    • Along the western bank of Vistula from ?oliborz to Wilanów (with some gaps) and further to Powsin
    • All over Ursynów
    • Along the eastern bank of the Vistula southwards, to the Trakt Lubelski
    • Across the Kabaty forest on the southern edge of the city, starting at the Kabaty Metro station.
  • Be sure to use powerful lock whan leaving your bicycle unattended.
  • Bicycle Warsaw map: (pdf (


  • Old Town (Stare Miasto), nearly 85% ruined in WWII, and reconstructed in details after war, on UNESCO World Heritage List
    • market of Old Town, and Warsaw Historical Musem on Northern frontage.
    • churches of Old Town, especially Saint John Cathedral
    • The Royal Castle (Polish: Zamek Królewski, in Old Town at the end of Royal Road), historical and art museum, Tu-Sa 10AM-4PM, Su 11AM-4PM (Su: not all parts opened). 10/5 z? (route I), 18/12 z? (route II), English guide for group 85 z? (Tu-Sa only).
    • New Town (Nowe Miasto), at the North of Old Town
  • Royal Road is a symbolic path that connects Royal Castle with Wilanów Royal Palace (in Wilanów — 10 kilometers further). There are many points of interest along.
    • You can start at Zamkowy Square near Royal Castle and walk South...
    • Krakowskie Przedmie?cie (Krakow suburb street) visiting churches (of Saint Anna, of Saint Joseph, of Wizytki Sisters, of Saint Cross), passing President's Palace, entering campus of Warsaw University, eventually visitig souvenir shops
      • You can turn to ... street and visit plac Pi?sudzkiego (5 minutes walk from Krakowskie Przedmie?cie) and nearby: Tomb of Unknown Soldier, Saski Garden, Metropolitan building and National Opera
    • Nowy ?wiat (New World street) and ortogonal Chmielna street which tends to be Warsaw's "promenades", with many shops, café, restaurants and with artificial palm at end on the Charles de Gaulle round (it's crossing with Jerozolimskie avenue)
    • Walk a bit more and see plac Trzech Krzy?y (Three Crosses square), with Saint Alexander church, and going another 300 meters (take slant left Wiejska street) see Sejm — Polish parliament
    • ...or take a bus (eg. 180) to Plac na Rozdro?u (Crossroads square, street name changed to Ujazdowskie avenue already)...
    • where you can walk nice Ujazdowski Park, Botanical garden, visit Museum of Contemporary Art Museum, or take a long walk in ?azienki Gardens and visit its numerous monuments
    • if you want to see former President's Palace Belweder, just continue walking along ?azienki Gardens fence (usually some photo exhibition hanging on it). Ujazdowskie avenue will change into Belwederska street, and at the beginning of Vistula slope there will be Belweder.
    • otherwise you can get back to bus (180) to get into Wilanów. But this may be already to much for one day...
    • walking distances: Zamkowy Square to Warsaw University (?wi?tokrzyska) (whole Krakowskie Przedmie?cie) — 20-30 minutes, Warsaw University to Charles de Gaulle round (whole Nowy ?wiat) — 15-20 minutes, Charles de Gaulle round by plac Trzech Krzy?y to Sejm — 10-15 minutes, Charles de Gaulle round to Plac Na Rozdro?u — 25-40 minutes (better take bus), Plac Na Rozdro?u to ?azienki — 5-10 minutes and 5 more to Belweder. By 180 bus: Zamkowy Square to Plac Na Rozdro?u — 10 minutes, to Wilanów — 35 minutes. Walking from Charles de Gaulle round (with Jerozolimskie street) to Metro Centrum will take you 10-15 minutes, another 5-10 to Central Railway station. You can taka a tram (any) or bus instead.
  • Wilanów Palace (Royal Residence), palace, palace gardens,
  • Poster Museum in Wilanów, ul. St. Kostki Potockiego 10/16 (near Wilanów Palace, buses: 114, 117, 130, 180, 519, 522, E-2) Tu-Su 10AM-4PM, Jun-Sep till 5PM, M 12PM-4PM. 8/5 z?, Monday free.
  • Palace of Culture & Science, highest building in Poland (230 m), 'gift' from Soviets to Poland in 1955, see panorama od Warsaw from its viewing terrace ( at 30th floor (114 m, use main entrance from Marsza?kowska street side). Daily 9AM-6PM. 18/12 z?.
  • Polish National Opera, Plac Teatralny (close to Plac Bankowy; metro Ratusz),
  • National Theater in the building of Polish National Opera,
  • Plac Konstytucji (Constitution square also known as MDM), build in 50's, a socrealistic architecture
  • Pow?zki cementary, and Jewish cementary
  • Umschlagplatz (ul. Stawki), monument in memory of Warsaw's Jewish Ghetto
  • Citadel build by tsarist Russia in 19 century to keep control over Warsaw (being under Russian partition at that time)
  • Old Praga district, at right side of Vistula
  • Warsaw's Zoo, at Praga side of the Vistula (buses: 100, 101, 103, 125, 127, 135, 160, 162, 170, 192, 500, 509, 512, 723, trams: 1, 2, 3, 6, 18, 13, 21, 25, 26, 32). Daily 9AM-6PM, 12/6 z?.


Tomb of Unknown SoldierTomb of Unknown Soldier
Tomb of Unknown Soldier
  • ?azienki Royal Garden very large and beautiful gardens, many monuments-museums: Palace On Water, Old Orangery, amphitheater. Park: free, Museums: 5-12 z?, Tu-Su 9AM-4PM.
  • Botanical garden of Warsaw University (just about ?azienki Garden).
  • Pole Mokotowskie (Metro Pole Mokotowskie), large green area, park, pond, all close to city center. A few pubs around. Many people resting in hot days. Many students hanging around (four high schools nearby).
  • Saski Garden (ogród Saski) between Marsza?kowska & plac Pi?sudzkiego with Tomb of Unknown Soldier (in the only leftover after Saski palace)
  • Metropolitan buiding (designed by lord Foster) at the plac Pi?sudzkiego
  • Kabacki Forest, (at South end of metro line. Exit at Kabaty station and walk few hundreds meters at the same direction metro was going. Pass metro depot.) nearby forest, with many walkers during nice days, and some recreation infrastructure at nearby (30 minute walk) PowsinPowsin: volleyball, basketball, football fields, table-tennis, chess tables. Race ski rent in winter. Area where campfires permitted. Three marked tourist routes, educational routes. Botanical garden. Also monument of victims of 1987 plane crash. Powsin playground is also accessible by 519 bus from Wilanów
  • Botanical garden Center for Biological Diversity Conservation of the Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Prawdziwka 2 (in Kabacki Forest, 519 bus from Wilanów or Wilanowska Metro Station till end in PowsinPowsin, and 15 minutes walk). +48 22 6483856. 10AM-5PM (in winter shorter). 5/3 z?. No pets allowed.
  • Kampinoski National ParkPuszcza Kampinoska, (just at North-West border of Warsaw, 40 minutes by 726 suburban line to Sieraków at the end of line) beautiful and wild National Park, primeval forest, elks, lynx, bison breeding.


Most museums closed at Mondays, often has free admission once a week. It's very common that last visitor can enter the museum no later than 30-45 minutes before closing time.

  • National Museum, al. Jerozolimskie 3, everyday except M 10AM-4PM, Th 10AM-6PM,
  • Center for Contemporary Art, al. Ujazdowskie 6 (near ?azienki park, bus stop Plac na Rozdro?u: 116, 138, 118, 119, 122, 151, 180, 182, 187, 188, 195, 382, 403, 404, 408, 415, 420, 503, 513, 520, 523, 525) , daily except M, 11AM-5PM, F 11AM-9PM, .
  • Zacheta National Gallery of Art (close to Polish National Opera).
  • Warsaw Rising Museum, ul. Przyokopowa 28, opened in 2004. (no admission fees)
  • The Polish Military Museum, al. Jerozolimskie 3 (near Charles de Gaulle round, next to National Museum)
  • Fotoplastikon (est. 1905), al. Jerozolimske 51 (near Warszawa Centralna station), +48 22 6253552. "IMAX one hundred years ago". Collection of unique 3D (made in stereoscope technique) images from 19th and 20th century. Different topics. During summer, mostly Warsaw before WWII. M-F 12PM-5PM, Sa 11AM-2PM. 8/5 z?.


  • Movie theatres: dozen of multiplex (often in shopping centers), many small theatres. Most films (with exception of films for kids) in original language with Polish subtitles. Find daily showtimes in newspapers as Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza (weekly in Friday's Gazeta Wyborcza) or at web (,30896,948864.html?miasto=Warszawa).


  • Proxima Students? Club.
  • Hybrydy Academic Centre of Culture.
  • Tygmont Jazz and Dance Club. Voted for the best polish jazz-club by jazz-forum.onet. From Sundays to Thursdays - Jazz concerts, Fridays at 21.00 - R&B evening, Saturdays at 19.00 - latino dance lessons (no need for a signup, most people are first-timers, good for a date), Saturdays at 21.00 - Fiesta Latina. Sundays to Thursdays - free admission, Fridays and Saturdays - 10z?.
  • Stodo?a Club. Students' club.
  • Harenda Club. Every monday - "Kabaretowa scena trójki" - a comedy evening, very funny if you speak Polish.
  • Park Club. Students' club, Hardzone (hard rock/metal party) every Thursday evening.


  • Swim
    • Warszawianka, ul. Merliniego 9 (bus: 107, 122, 172, 505, 524; tram Malczewskiego stop: 4, 18, 19, 35; Królikarnia stop: 33). +48 22 8540130, Mo-F 6:30AM-10PM, Sa-Su 8AM-10PM. 14-20/10-14 z? hour.
    • see list & ranking ( (unofficial, in English)
  • Ice-skate
    • Stegny, ul. Sobieskiego/ul. Sikorskiego. Outdoor ice-skate track, cold season only, Mo-F 5:30PM-7PM, 7:30-9PM, Sa-Su, Holidays 12PM-2PM, 3PM-5PM, 6PM-8PM, 8/6 z?.
    • Torwar, ul. ?azienkowska 6a. Hockey field, (half of) September-May, 9/7 z?. Skate rent 6 z?. Th 8PM-9PM, Sa 11AM-12:30PM, 6:30PM-8PM, Su 11AM-12:30PM, 6PM-7:30PM.
    • in winter season many small district rinks.
      • in front of Palace of Culture (?wi?tokrzyska side), free
  • Bowling (pl: kr?gle) in one of superstore centres (many has entertaiment areas).
    • Hula Kula entertainment center, Dobra 56/66, (BUW, Warsaw University library building), M-Th 12PM-12AM, F 12PM-3AM, Sa 10AM-3AM, Su 10AM-12AM, 35-90 z?/hour (depending when) or 10-15 z?/game. Shoe rent free.
    • H2O, Promenada shopping center, ul. Ostrobramska 75c, +48 22 6117125
    • Hokus Pokus, Sadyba Best Mall, ul. Powsi?ska 31
    • Hokus Pokus, ul. Powsta?ców ?l?skich 126A
    • Atomic, Galeria Mokotów shopping center, ul. Wo?oska 12, +48 22 5439410
    • Arco, Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 #19, +48 22 6687591, Mo-F 4PM-till last guest, Sa-Su 12PM-till last guest. 60-120 z?/hour (depending when (
  • Rock climb
    • Hula Kula ( entertainment center, Dobra 56/66, (BUW, Warsaw University library building), M-F 3PM-10PM, Sa-Su 10AM-10PM, 10 z?/day, 2 z? gear rent.
    • Siennicka (, OSiR Praga Po?udnie, ul. Siennicka 40. 9 meters high. 7AM-19PM (instructor available M,W,F 5PM-7PM, T,T 4PM-6PM; S,S 10AM-12PM) fee: 10 z? + gear rent (?)
    • Nowowiejska (, OSiR Ochota, ul. Nowowiejska 37b. 11m high. M-W 12-5PM,Th 2PM-9PM F 12PM-8PM, S-S 21PM-10PM. +48 609 622 467. fee: 12 z?, gear rent free
    • Hala Sportowa Ko?o ul. Obozowa 60, +48 22 877 38 06. fee 10-15 z?


    • Toastmasters - an english-speaking club, a good place to meet people in age from 20-sth to 30-sth (but not only). Meetings every wednesday at 19.00, see official website ( for details. Worth a visit if you plan to stay in Warsaw for over a week.


Universities in Warsaw:


in English


Polish Language

  • Survival Polish, basic language course, prepared by Warsaw University, by Internet. Free. (
  • Institute of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners (Warsaw University), ul. Krakowskie Przedmie?cie 32, +48 22 5521530, 5520563. 2 x 3 hours/week (60 hours) - 1200 z?, intensive: 3 x 3 hours/week (90 hours) - 1800 z?.
  • Exchange program to learn languages (you learn Polish, your partner learn your language), theoretically designed for Erasums students. Free.




Finding an ATM (cash machine) is not a problem within the city, and cr cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro are widely accepted (although not everywhere). Items of specific interest include clothing (both foreign and local brands), which is cheaper than elsewhere in Western Europe.

Fur Coats:

  • Jedynak, Jerozolimskie avenue (between Charles de Gaulle round and Marsza?kowska)
  • ?wi?tokrzyska and Marsza?kowska corner

Shopping promenades:

  • Chmielna, boutiques, clothes
  • Nowy ?wiat, jewelry, art, antiques, clothes

Superstores (pl: hipermarket), open 7 days a week, usually till 10-11PM:

Warsaw has several huge shopping malls, with many boutiques (of well known brands). Nearly all has entertainment areas (movie theaters, sports), underground parkings, and whole range of services. They are usually open until 10-11PM.

  • Arkadia, (al. Jana Paw?a II 82, near Rondo Rados?awa (former Babka), one tram stop from Metro Dworzec Gda?ski), very large.
  • Blue City, huge, everything, skate-park,
  • Centrum Janki, (in JankiJanki, half hour from city center, free bus), IKEA, apartments furnishing superstores, electronics superstore, superstore.
  • Centrum M1
  • Factory, (in Ursus - industrial district of Warsaw), outlet, mostly cloths.
  • Galeria Centrum (city center, Metro Centrum), more expensive.
  • Galeria Mokotów
  • Klif
  • Sadyba
  • Targówek
  • Wola Park
  • Stadion X-lecia aka Jarmark Europa, (on top of old football stadion) largest market in Central Europe. Huge number of stalls with everything, mostly clothing. More than 5000 sellers. Most merchandise brought by east border from Asia. Very interesting, but watch out your belonging. Be aware that 95%+ of brand merchandise, CDs, DVDs, etc. is fake. Not a food market.
  • Market of antiques in BroniszeBronisze


  • Empik network of book superstores, (in Galeria Centrum, other near Charles de Gaulle round), English books division, many other localizations.


In recent years eating out has become more and more frequent among Poles and the development of Warsaw restaurants, pubs, bars and other places offering something to eat (and drink) reflects that. Every year new interesting places open and now almost everyone will find something for his or hers tastes.



Although the prices of food are generally lower in Poland than in other EU countries, Warsaw is surely the most expensive place in the country. Despite that there are many ways to eat on a limited budget.

  • Milk bars are a typically Polish remainder of the communist era. These establishments were originally created in the sixties to serve cheap meals based on milk products, mainly different types of dumplings etc. After the communism ended in 1989 most of them closed down but some survived, in Warsaw thanks to subsidies from the magistrate. Inside survived the atmosphere of the old days, despite an occasional advertisement or two of modern food products (mainly soft drinks) everything looks, feels and smells like in the eighties. Because of that and really low prices milk bars attract students, pensioners and occasionally homeless. Food can be actually quite palpable, despite various horror stories told by some to discourage the fainthearted. In fact it is surely better than in global fast food chains as everything is cooked on site. Worth a try out of curiosity even if you can afford more expensive meals. Soup: 1.5 - 2 z?, main course 3 - 8 z?.
    • Uniwersytecki near the entrance to Warsaw University main campus, frequented by students and university professors (who call it affectionately Cockroach),
    • Szwajcarski Nowy ?wiat between Al. Jerozolimskie and Pl. Trzech Krzy?y, across the street from the stock exchange (formerly communist party HQ),
    • Prasowy Marsza?kowska 10/16 in his better days was frequented by journalists hence the name,
    • Bambino Krucza 21.
    • Bary Mleczne ( - a web page created by an enthusiast, only in Polish but the list ( with addresses can be useful.
  • "Vietnamese". Many small restaurants across the city with meals made in Vietnamese fashion. Chicken, beef, pork, sometimes sea-food in variety of sauces, rice with vegetables, soups. Sometimes crowded. Often called (incorrectly) Chinese (Chi?czyk). Always can buy for take out. Typical main course (often quite large portion) 8-11 z?.
    • Central Railway Station (-1 level, at the end of one of passages crossing over rails)
    • ul. Mazowiecka (going from Palace of Culture, take ?wi?tokrzyska (in direction of Nowy ?wiat), and turn left into Mazowiecka (3rd left)). Soup (chicken is good) 6-8 z?. Main course 9-14 z?.
  • "Turc". Many small restaurants across the city with doner kebab and other Turkish-like fastfood. (kebab: 5-7 z?)
    • Central Railway Station in a few points (-1 level, at the end of one of passages crossing over rails, ...)


  • ul. Zgoda — small street next to Marsza?kowska and close to Nowy ?wiat. Number of reasonable priced restaurants and café.Directions: from Palace of Culture or Metro Centrum, walk ul. Z?ota that starts from Marsza?kowska opposite to main entrance of Palace of Culture, and take first street right.
  • Krokiecik, ul. Zgoda 1, (city center, 5 min. from Metro Centrum), fast food (pre-prepared food — not junk-food). Very good soups, steaks, pancakes with fruits and whipped cream. Try bogracz — hungarian hot soup, ?urek — traditional Polish soup. Meal: 12-20 z?,
  • Grill bar Zgoda, ul. Zgoda 4, (opposite to Krokiecik), very nice restaurant, soups, grill dishes, variety of salads, ... Full meal: ~25-35 z?,
  • Turc, Pizza, Pasta, Mexican restaurant, more...
  • Pierogarnia, ul. Bednarska 28/30, (5 min. from Old Town), arguably best pierogi in town. Lunch special (pierogi, soup, salad) 14 z?,
  • Jazz BistroIs located on the beautiful ul. Pi?kna 20. (22) 627 41 51. Jazz Bistro offers great food, drinks, and music that evokes the subtle feeling of the motif that is Warsaw. Live music is from 08:00 AM - 11:00 PM (According to the website.) 1 ( (English)

With delivery

Two companies offer meals from a number of the city's restaurnts, delivered to your door within one hour, you can order by phone or via the internet:

Order by phone, and get your meal in 30-45 minutes. Delivery (pl: dostawa) free if not stated otherwise. Usually minimum order is 20-30 z?. Tip (up to 15%) appreciated, but not required.

  • PizzaHut, +48 22 5363636. Pizza for 1-2 person 25 z?. Always promotions like: second pizza for half price/5z?. Ask. (in Polish)
  • Vesuvio Pizza, +48 22 6440490. Ursynów district only. Open till 10PM. Pizza for 1-2 person from 13 z?.
  • KFC, +48 22 5363636. Chicken in all configurations. Sandwich menu 8-11 z?. Chicken (5 pieces) 11 z?... (in Polish)


  • restaurants on the Old Town market
  • restaurants in splurge hotels (Bristol, Sheraton, ...)




usually 7-12 z?

  • at Nowy ?wiat street (near Charles de Gaulle round)
    • Bajka, Amatorska, Piotru? with very specific ambiance, coffee 4-6 z?, beer, vodka, congnac
    • chains: Nescafé, Coffeeheaven, Daily Café, ...
    • Blikle, café with very long tradition with specialité — Blikle's donuts
  • number of café at Chmielna street (between Marsza?kowska and Nowy ?wiat), some with entrance from gateways



Camping grounds

  • Gromada, ul. ?wirki i Wigury 32, +48 22 8254391
  • WOK, ul. Odr?bna 16 (Praga side, near road 801, bus: 146 from Warsawa Wschodnia station stop Romantyczna), +48 22 6127951. Bar, Internet, laundry. Apr-Oct. Tent: 14 z?, car 14 z?, trailer 16-20 z?, electricity 10 z?, plus 14 z?/person. No cr cards.
  • Rapsodia, ul. Fort Wola 22 (entrance from ul. Wolska 186), +48 22 6344165, 6344164, prices: tent (2 persons) 30 ??, camping car (electricity connection incl.) 60 z?. hostel rooms available,,
  • Astur, ul. Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r. 15/17, prices: tent (2 persons) 20 z?, camping car (electricity connection incl.) 60 z?.

Youth hostels

In polish schronisko m?odzie?owe most IYHF recognized hostels have a 10 or 11 pm curfew. Private hostels are usually open all night,


IYHF recognized


  • ul. Smolna 30; tel/fax +48 22 8278952 (very good location in city center)
  • ul. Karolkowa 53a; tel/fax +48 22 6329746, tel. +48 22 6328829
  • ul. My?liwiecka 9 (MOS Agrykola); tel/fax +48 22 6229105, tel. +48 22 6229111

Private hostels

  • Nathan's Villa ( - ul. Piekna 24/26 is located on the same street as the main entrance to the U.S. Embassy. This hostel offers a cable tv room, and free laundry service, however, since they do not have a dryer it may take a day or two for clothes to dry. The manager will sometimes take guests to clubs. This hostel is open all day and is located only a few blocks from the city center.
  • Oki Doki Hostel ( - pl. D?browskiego 3. From the outside this doesn't look promising (big grey ugly building), but once inside you are greeted by a friendly, chatty member of staff on the 24hr reception. Directly opposite is the bar/cafe/breakfast room which serves some very cheap drinks. Each room has been individually decorated by a different artist and they are given names such as 'House of the Maiden'. Rooms vary from a 5 bed dorm (50 PLN each) to a double room with shower and toilet (90 PLN each). Also equipped with kitchen, free internet, car/bicycle rental and a little shop.
  • Hostel Helvetia ( - ul. Kopernika 36/40 (entrance from Sewerynow Street). The hostel is located close to the University, ten minutes walk from the Old Town. 38 beds is available in 6,4,3-bed dorms and private rooms with or without bathroom. Guests can use free Intrnet, cosy common room with comfortable sofas (plus audio, TV and DVD equipment) and fully equipped kitchen. The hostel offers also additional services like bicycle rental, cheap international telephone calls, burning of digital pictures on CD and reliable tourist information working 24 hours a day. For guests, who want to get know more about Poland owners organize slideshows.



Serviced apartments



  • Holiday Inn, UL. ZLOTA 48/54, 2 ( This Holiday Inn is located only a few yards from the Warszawa Centralna train station and is across the street from the Palace of Culture and Science. The price is about 130 Euro per night.
  • Intercontinental Hotel, EMILII PLATER 49, 3 ( Located around the corner from the Holiday Inn and is also directly across the street from the Palace of Culture and Science, in the city center.
  • Sheraton Towers UL. B. PRUSA 2 4 ( Located on the wonderful Plac Trzech Krzyzy (Three Cross Square), 20 minutes from the main train station, the location is excellent for visiting Warsaw by foot.


  • 22 is telephone area code for Warsaw and surroundings. When calling Warsaw destination from fixed phone, skip +48 22 (or 0 22) prefix.
  • Main Post Office is located in City Center on ?wi?tokrzyska 31/33, and is open 24h 7/7.

Tourist Information

  • Warsaw Convention Bureau, +48 22 9431, ( Official provider of visitor information.
    • Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, Terminal 1, ul. ?wirki i Wigury 1
    • Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, Etiuda terminal (low-cost airlines)
    • Central Railway Station (Warszawa Centralna), main hall, al. Jerozolimskie 54
    • Krakowskie Przedmie?cie 39 (near Old Town & plac Zamkowy)
    • all locations are open daily 8AM-6PM and during summer (May-Sep) 8AM-8PM


  • The Warsaw Voice, Warsaw's English language weekely.
  • WIK, (Warsaw Cultural Guide, in Polish) all Warsaw's events. Buy at kiosk (booth). Recently also as add-on to Wprost weekely once a month.
  • Major Polish language newspapers are: Gazeta Wyborcza (also online (, Rzeczpospolita (also online (, Fakt (5 (, weekly magazines: Wprost (6 (, Polityka (7 (, Newsweek (8 (
  • large selection of foreign newspapers and magazines available in large press sellers networks (eg. Empik bookshop network), at the airport and in many hotels.


Internet café (Polish: Kawiarenka internetowa):

  • 24h Internet Cafe is located in one of underpasses that leads just over rails of Warsaw Central railway station. ??? z?/hour, 20 z?/night.
  • Two Internet Cafés at Metro Centrum station, -2 level. 7AM-12AM. 4-6 z?/hour.

Hot Spots:

  • Old Town, pl. Zamkowy
  • Warsaw Airport
  • Promenada shopping center, ul. Ostrobramska 75, free(?)
  • Galeria Mokotów shopping center, ul. Domaniewska 41
  • Blue City shopping center, al. Jerozolimskie 179
  • Sadyba Best Mall shopping center, ul. Powsi?ska 31
  • Daily Café, ul. Nowy ?wiat 37, ul. Marsza?kowska 104/122, ul. ?wi?tokrzyska 18
  • KFC restaurant, al. Jerozolimskie 11/19, ul. Górczewska 93, ul. Pi?kna 28/34, al. Solidarno?ci 68a - Metro Ratusz, ul. Sójki 37, ul. Targowa 34, ul. Widok 24, ul. Krakowskie Przedmie?cie 4/6
  • Pizza Hut restaurant, ul. Dereniowa 9, ul. Waszyngtona 98a, al. Solidarno?ci 104
  • Coffeeheaven, BUW - ul. Dobra 56/66, ul. Powsi?ska 31
  • Cafe Szparka, pl. Trzech Krzy?y 16a
  • Hotel Sobieski, pl. Artura Zawiszy 1
  • Hotel Sheraton, ul. Boles?awa Prusa 2
  • Hotel Novotel Warszawa Airport, ul. 1 sierpnia 1
  • Hotel Bristol, ul. Krakowskie Przedmie?cie 42/44

Stay safe

  • Police: 997, firefighters: 998, ambulance 999, all three at common universal number 112
  • Municipal guard: +48 22 986
  • Watch out for pickpockets in public transport and busy places.
  • Park your car in safe place, on a guarded parking if possible.
  • Most long-distance trains have compartments, choose the occupied ones so you don't ride alone. Also, during night - make sure that at least one person is not asleep.
  • Inter-city and express trains are safe.



Public toilets

Public toilets run by the city used to be quite popular in communist era, but most of them were closed down after the fall of communism as they proved to be unprofitable. Also, most of them were in such poor condition that using them was a challenge. Some of them (often built underground) are now rented out and are used as restaurants or pubs.

Currently, the number of public toilets is on the increase, but is still unsatisfactory... most have been renovated and are in good condition (with toilet paper, water, soap, towels), and paid. Sometimes you have to take piece of toilet paper from lady at the entrance (presumably a relic of limitation, and stealing public is not stealing times). Usual fee is 1-1.50 z?.

Toilets are usually referred as WC, or toaleta (rarely szalet). Sign on doors for woman may be: woman pictogram, ?E?SKI, DAMSKI, K, or circle sign. For man: man pictogram, M?SKI, M, or triangle sign.

All restaurants and bars are forced by law to have toilets inside (but not all comply). It's not a common practice to use their toilet without ordering (at least coffee), but if you ask waiter, he wouldn't mind in most cases. Sometimes you have to get a key to the toilet at the counter. Due to lack of public toilets it used to be very common practice to visit McDonalds just to use the toilet, but recently their started to defend themself (eg. you must show order receipt to get in) because of scale of that phenomenon.

In case of larger events, organieors provide so called toi-toi toilets (from one of companies that service them). They are narrow plastic booths, usually blue, not very comfortable, often not very clean, and hardly ever with water or paper.

  • Warsaw Airport, several toilets, free
  • Warsaw Central Rail Station (Dworzec Centralny), 3 toilets in different places of underground corridors
  • Metro, toilets on every subway station (usually near one of exits), paid
  • Old Town, at Plac Zamkowy in building at left (when standing in front of Royal Castle)
  • University buildings, and state office buildings are in general publicly accessible and should have toilets
Chopin's mansion in Zelazowa WolaChopin's mansion in Zelazowa Wola
Chopin's mansion in Zelazowa Wola

Get out


Get out by train

All long distance rail connections stops at Warsaw Central station (Warszawa Centralna), and on Warsaw East (Warszawa Wschodnia) and most of them also stops on Warsaw West (Warszawa Zachodnia). If train is without reservation, you may get (better) seat (important during high season) if you enter the train on its initial station (usually either Warszawa Wschodnia, or Warszawa Zachodnia)

Suburban trains departs from different stations (and stops on many in boundary of Warsaw)

  • Warszawa ?ródmie?cie (Metro Centrum, 300 meters from Warsaw Central station) directions: SochaczewSochaczew, Mi?sk Mazowiecki, Lowicz?owicz, OtwockOtwock-PilawaPilawa, PruszkowPruszków-MilanowekMilanówek-Grodzisk MazowieckiGrodzisk Mazowiecki-Zyrardow?yrardów, SulejowekSulejówek-SiedlceSiedlce-Terespol, RadomRadom, SkierniewiceSkierniewice, WolominWo?omin-TluszczT?uszcz. See: schedule (
  • Warszawa ?ródmie?cie WKD (underpass from Warsaw Central), WKD line, direction: Pruszków, Milanówek, Grodzisk MazowieckiGrodzisk Mazowiecki, Podkowa LesnaPodkowa Le?na. See: schedule (,
  • Warszawa Gda?ska (Metro Dworzec Gda?ski) direction: NasielskNasielsk, DzialdowoDzia?dowo, CiechanowCiechanów, MlawaM?awa. See: schedule (
  • Warszawa Wile?ska (Praga district), directions: WolominWo?omin, TluszczT?uszcz, MalkiniaMa?kinia. See schedule (

Get out by bus

Buses departs from number of bus stations or stops, and there are both for local, and long distance journeys.

PKS is national transport company (divided to many local divisions), but there are many private ones.

  • Dworzec PKS Warszawa Zachodnia (bus: 127, 130, 136, 154, 184, 187, 408, 508, 517, 523, 717, E-5) main station for international routes, main station for domestic connections, local connections
  • Dworzec PKS Warszawa Stadion (Praga side) local connections, some long distance routes, international connections with East
  • PolskiExpress (departs from al. Jana Paw?a, behind Warsaw Central railway station) operates on long distance routes: Warszawa - ?ód? - Katowice - Kraków, Warszawa - Lublin - RzeszowRzeszów, Warszawa - ElblagElbl?g - Gda?sk - Gdynia, Warszawa - BialystokBia?ystok, Warszawa - BydgoszczBydgoszcz - KolobrzegKo?obrzeg or Szczecin, Warszawa - Gorzow WielkopolskiGorzów Wielkopolski, Warszawa - Krynica MorskaKrynica Morska, Warszawa - SlupskS?upsk - UstkaUstka, Warszawa - Wroc?aw - Kudowa ZdrojKudowa Zdrój.
  • PKS (division named PPKS Warszawa) connection search ( (in Polish, see timetable phrasebook).

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