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Ooaj Travel Guide, tourism, hotel reservation, residence, plane, cheap pension for you holidays in trieste

Free Travel guide A free travel guide for holidays. Hotels in trieste, Bed and Breakfast!

Trieste is a city in Italy.

Palazzo del Municipio at Piazza Unità, TriestePalazzo del Municipio at Piazza Unità, Trieste
Palazzo del Municipio at Piazza Unità, Trieste

trieste Travel Guide :



Trieste (Triest in German, Trieszt in hungarian, Trst in Slavic languages) is the capital of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region and has 250,000 inhabitants. It is situated on the crossroads of several commercial and cultural flows: German middle Europe to the north, Slavic masses and the Balkans to the east, Italy and then Latin countries to the west and the Merranean Sea to the south.

Its artistic and cultural heritage is therefore linked to its singular "border town" location. You can find some old Roman architecture (a small theater near the sea, a nice arch into old city and an interesting Roman museum), Austrian empire architecture across the city centre (similar to stuff you can find in Vienna) and a nice atmosphere of metissage of Merranean styles, as Trieste was a very important port during the 18th century.


Get in


By Air

National flights via Milan, Rome and Genoa. International flights via Milan and Rome (Alitalia); direct flights from Munich (Air Dolomiti - Lufthansa); direct flights from London (Ryanair); direct flights from Belgrade (Jat).

The airport is linked with its teminal in the city centre (33 km) not far from the railway station by a shuttle service.


By Bus

Three (or so) buses a day to Pula/Pola and Rijeka/Fiume in Croatia. Local routes include UdineUdine, Venice, Padova, GradoGrado, San CandidoSan Candido/Innichen


By Train

Lots of trains from Venice and UdineUdine, Eurostar from Milan and Rome at the Central Station. Trains from Ljubljana, Maribor and Budapest at the Villa Opicina Station. If you arrive by train, the last 10 minutes of travel you have a beautiful sight, because the railway goes along the sea and if the weather is good it should be very striking.

Note that there is no tourist information office or accommodation service at the the train station.


Get around

Coach tour of Trieste: most of the city's main monuments will be visited. Scheduled for every Saturday at 2.00 p.m. and lasting two hours and a half, the sightseeing tour starts outside the railway station (Piazza Libertà 8). Booking and ticket purchase (5,20 Euro) at the Eurostar office of Trieste Centrale Railway Station. Further information at: Promotrieste ? section Venetia Julia Incoming, tel. +39 040 308536, fax +39 040 311529 (, 1 (



You can find a very big synagogue (1900, circa), Serb-orthodox and Greek-orthodox churches, a lot of Protestant churches and so on.

Three of the city's most beautiful sights are:

  1. The beautiful Piazza Unità, the central square in front of the sea
  2. The Miramare Castle (Castello di Miramare), a Habsburg romantic building created by the brother of Franz Josef. There is a fantastic park along the seafront, the Parco di Miramare
  3. The view from up the hills, from Prosecco/Proseck village, at the end of the Carso plateau

From the railway station, you can arrive in Piazza Unità in 10 minutes on foot,or you can take the bus n°36 ask for the 'Castello di Miramare' bus stop.

Other beautiful places to visit are Grotta Gigante, an emormous cave open to tourists and the Santuario di Monte Grisa with its wonderful sights of the city and the sea. To arrive in Santuario di Monte Grisa you can start from Obelisco and have a walk in the 'Strada Napoleonica'.







The plentiful "souls" of Trieste influence the every-day life with the habits of the numerous populations which inhabited it during the centuries and which are still alive: the dishes proposed in the city "buffets", the typical restaurants of Middle-European origins, is an experienced and flavored mixture of the local Austrian and Slavik tradition. The snacks are still today based on pork meat boiled in the typical pot called caldaia and many varieties of ham, sausages, often served with sauerkrauts and cran sauce, paprika or cumin. As a first dish jota, a soup prepared with the pork skin, potatoes, beans and cappucci agri or the goulash, tripe or sguazeto, or veal stew. Among the typical dishes you will also find the gnocchi of bread and ham, those with jam or stuffed with plums.

Among the most typical ones are: the brodetto (fish soup), risottos, the sardoni in savor, (flavored pilchards) and typical of the interland are the salads (chicory and rocket), the bruscandoli and last but not least wines that alternate with beer on the table. The local wine is Terrano, red and thick: in order to make it popular, in 1986 the Terrano Wine Path connecting Opicina to Visogliano. In the restaurants of the province you can taste other wines of the Carso: the Rosso, Malvasia, and the white Vitovska Garganja.

Farmers of the plateau who had been allowed by an emperial decree to sell their own products during a period of 8 days, organized the so-called "osmizze", where it is possible to taste local wines and products: Tabor cheese of Monrupino and honey of San Dorligo are other typical products.

The pastry shops in Trieste offer delicious local varieties of the most famous Austrian cakes: Sacher cake, krapfen, strucolo cotto and strucolo de pomi (local varieties of local kinds of "strudel"), chiffeletti (typical cookies made with four, eggs and potatoes and fried in oil) During Easter you can taste the pinza, a sweet leavened bread that many women still prepare at home and take to the bakery to be cooked. Richer variants of this are: the titola, that is decorated with a hard egg, the putizza and presnitz. Fritole, pancakes stuffed and fried in oil and fave, small round cookies made with almonds and aromas are typical during Carnival.

The Trieste of Joyce, Svevo, and Saba, the crowded port pervaded by voices and exotic flavors, wonderful cafés considered by the citizens of Trieste as a place where it is possible to discuss, work, write, read and study.Some historical cafés still well-known and popular have been recently restored brought back to their ancient beauty.





The helpful tourist information in Piazza Unita can provide you with a list of accommodation and will even make bookings for you. They also have free maps.



  • The Tergeste Youth Hostel, Viale Miramare, 331 tel. and fax (+39)040224102 (, 2 (, is located along the beautiful Trieste riviera, at walking distance from the Miramare castle. Overlooking the gulf of Trieste, and shaded by the green hills that take to the Carso plateau, the hostel offers to its guests an enchanting view, that takes in the all city and part of the Slovenian coast line. The premises offer 74 beds, with rooms of various capacity. There is also a restaurant indoors and a snack-bar and restaurant on the panoramic terrace overlooking the sea, a place not to miss for a very pleasant meal. The visitors can't help being be-witched by the romantic and fairly tale-like atmosphere of the Miramare Castle, the love nest of Archduke Maximilian and his wife Charlotte and by the surrounding park. The marine nature reserve is managed by W.W.F. and is located right in front of the castle. In summer a dive in the clear crystal waters of the Trieste riviera can be very refreshing. The coast right by the hostel is a favourite spot where the locals sunbath and swim. The youth hostel is easily reached by bus. Line 36 leaves from the central Oberdan square and goes to Grignano. Get off at the Miramare junction, at the end of the Barcola seaside, a two minutes walk to the hostel.
  • Hotel Porta Cavana, Via Felice Venezian, 14, tel. 0-4030-1313; (, 3 ( Close to the beautiful Piazza Unità, its rooms have a CD-player, cable TV and VCR. Staff is friendly and speaks English. Singles/Doubles min/max ? 36 - 130

Get out

Across the countryside you can find small beautiful farms where you will find beautiful different kinds of home-made salami, cheese and ham, and a characteristic red wine. And maybe along the Riviera ( Muggia, Sistiana,Duino)you can find some nice places to sleep, too.

The pretty island of GradoGrado just to the west makes a good half day boat trip (ticket retour 6 ?).

Venice and Ljubljana are also major nearby destinations.


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