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Tamil Nadu

Ooaj Travel Guide, tourism, hotel reservation, residence, plane, cheap pension for you holidays in tamil nadu

Free Travel guide A free travel guide for holidays. Hotels in tamil nadu, Bed and Breakfast!

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Countryside in Tamil NaduCountryside in Tamil Nadu
Countryside in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu - the land of Tamils is a state in India's South region, which is known for its temples and architecture, its food, movies and its culture of classical dance and music. The languages spoken here are predominantly Tamil (also written as Thamizh) and English in the larger cities and metro capital Madras (now Chennai).

tamil nadu Travel Guide :

Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu

Other destinations

Tamil Nadu


  • Chennai (Madras), the capital of Tamil Nadu,
  • Kalpakkam (Chennai), few kms away from mahabalipuram,which has the famous INDIRA GANDHI ATOMIC POWER PLANT with nuclear breader reactors(uranium235,238) nuclear fusion,nuclear fission reactions and many more
  • Coimbatore, the Manchester of South India
  • TuticorinTuticorin,the pearl city of tamil nadu and famous port in south india for sea export overseas

Chidambaram,thillai natarajar where many sculptures and chidambara rakasiyam is there,it is a place where many dance perfomances were done during raja raja chola period.(more)

  • Kanchipuram, known for its Silk SareesSarees,and famous varadharaja perumal temple with kaamakshi sanidhi
  • PazhaniPazhani, famous dhandayudhapaani temple
  • Madurai, the city of temples in the south of the state,this place is the origin of TVS group,meenakshi temple famous one,bus network is superb because of tvs,famous madurai malligaipu iddli,madurai flowers malli,jaathi,educational colleges like fathima college,lady doke college,high court bench in madurai,

nearby villages like sozhanvandhaan,thengarai-greenery and cattles yielding good milk,hospitality of people and many more

  • Annai VellankaniAnnai Vellankani,place of mother mary,nagerkoil
  • Kodaikanal, a popular hill resort,
  • TirunelvelliTirunelvelli, known for the architecture and antiquity of its temples,
  • Mamallapuram, known for the architecture and antiquity of its temples,origin of pallava dynasty,known for sculptures, king mahendravarma recognised the art of chirpi and made this place famous
  • Pondicherry, a small french city and part of a union territory within Tamil Nadu,
  • Auroville, a popular spiritual and religious site
  • Thanjavur, another city of temples
  • Tiruchy, famous for temples like Malaikottai, Srirangam, Thiruvanai Kovil, Samaya puram, Vekkali amman, Vayalore,gopaldas diamond merchants.
  • Tiruvallur, famous for the temple of Sri VeeraraghavaSwami and the 40 feet tall Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha AnjaneyaSwami.
  • Tiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu - Temple of Lord Shiva
  • Yercaud, trekker country,
  • Yelagiri, also great for treks and expions,
  • Ooty, a popular hill station,famous botanical garden,dotabetta,speciality by travelling in palchakra vandi from mettupaalayam
  • Naamakkal - a small, historic city
  • Sriharikottasriharikotta-place from where rocket launches like INSAT,PRITHVI HAVE gone to space.
  • RameswaramRameswaram - a fine town temple and miles of empty beach a short auto ride from towm.
Tamil Nadu

Tourist attractions

  • Hill stations - Ooty, Kodaikanal
  • Mamallapuram- Pallava dynasty rock cut temples
  • Kanchipuram-temples and sarees
  • Thanjavur-temples
  • ThiruchyThiruchy - temples, fort
  • KumbakonamKumbakonam-famous upilliyapan temple
  • Chidambaram- the seat of the cosmic dancer Nataraja
  • Sirkazhi
  • Madurai - one of the oldest cities of Tamilnadu, documented since 4th century BC, seat of Kadai Sangam,the Pandiya capital is famous for Meenakshi-Sundareswarar Shrine
  • TranquebarTranquebar
  • PoompuharPoompuhar, for its heritage of sculpture
  • Kanniyakumari (Cape Comorin), the southern-most tip of peninsular India, where u have Kanniyakumariamman temple on the sea shore where the mookuthy (nose stud) which is in the face of goddess shines so much that it guided ships passing by.Vivekanandha Rock,Saint Thiruvalluvar Statue
  • RameswaramRameswaram Ramanathaswamy Temple

Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu


Jan 1 New Year is celebrated right from dec 31st of every previous year and special prayers are offered in churches in the form of midnight services,in houses ladies like villaku to goddess at home or candles to christ or mother mary,and prayers are offered in mosque also.

  • The harvest festival of Pongal is celebrated during the Tamil month of Thai (January 15th or thereabouts). The first day is Bogi Pongal usually celebrated in the early morning (before sunrise) by burning household items like mats, brooms that have been junked or replaced by newer ones. offerings to god are thengai poli , parupu poli,vella paayasam,appam,vadai,zeera poli,paal poli-

The second day of Pongal is when respects are paid to the Sun God by cooking melagu pongal in the earthen pot,sarkarai pongal made of vellam and venpongal too are offered to god. The third day is Maatu Pongal (Maatu - Cow) where the respects are paid to cattle.on the day of maatu pongal the cattles are washed neatly,kulupaati,and they are painted in their horns called kombu,and salangai is put newly on the cows neck and it is taken to amman temple,or any other temple nearby, when the cow is back home ,mangala aarathy is taken with kumkum,and pottu is kept for villages on this day challikattu competitions are kept between cows. the cow is a very sacred animal apart from being a domestic animal in south is called gomaatha,we can know the importance of cows from our hindu mythology,cow in the form of erumai is the vaaganam for eman-lord of death and the vaasal of kailasam where lord shiva resides is guarded by nandhi in the form of cow. on this day thengai pongal,puliyodharai,thengai saadam,lemon rice,tomato rice without onion,ellu saadam,kalkandu pongal,melagu saadam,curd rice,vegetable fried rice without onion are offered to god and to cow,they offer grass,pul in tamil they say ,vaikol etc. The fourth day is celebrated as kaanum Pongal where the local people visit family and friends. It's customary for locals to give new clothes and money to the maids and servants employed in the house.

  • Karadaiyaa nonbu just when maasi maadham and panguni join they celebrate preparing kaaradai as offering to god,ladies do this pooja to protect their maangalyam.
  • Panguni Utaram utsavam in kabaleeswarar temple which is held for 10 days
  • Tamil Puththandu (New Year) - The 1st day of the Tamil month of Chitirai. Usually sometime in Mid April mostly on april 14 th or april 13th or april 15th.
  • Akshaya Tritiya - The third day after the new moon day that follows the tamil new year. Localities believe that anything done on this day is equivalent doing it a thousand times over. However people usually buy Gold with the belief that buying on this day will ensure prosperity throughout their life time and they will have the good fortune to buy more gold over the years.on the day of akshaya tritiya fresh cows milk is taken and they make curd and prepare curd rice and is offered as a service prasadham to many in olden days,this practise must now continue in future
  • Aadi maadamspread from july 16th to aug 15th all over tamil nadu in all amman temples famous mundakaniamman temple etc in chennai,karpakamaal in mylapore all over tamil nadu celebrate amman festivals on all tuesdays and fridays and offer sarkarai pongal,maavilaku maavu,then they offer bangles to goddess on aadi puram day,aadi krithikai,aadi ammaavaasai,and aadi-18 are celebrated in a grand manner in trichy,nammakkal places,all people prepare good food and sit in the banks of river cauvery and pray for their family welfare.

slokam-lalitha sahasranamam,abirami anthathi,etc some more festivals in aadi aavani maadam

  • varalakshmi pooja-usually on this day ladies married ones keep kalasam in front of ammaan and thengai they keep and do pooja,beautiful decorations for amman like thaazham poo,kunjalam vaichu pini,beautiful alangaram with saree they do.

they give vettalai paakku,saree blouse or even saree depending on their financial condition to other women before they eat along with bangles mostly glass bangles they give,however varities of bangles come,the real beauty in offering to goddess and other women is in glass bangles only. neivedhyam to goddess-appam, parupu vadai, vella paayasam,kozhakatai,idli,etc. slokam-lalitha sahasranamam,abirami anthathi,etc

  • krishna jeyanthi or gokulashtamion this day

special prayer is offered to lord krishna in the evening-ladies put maakolam,sheman ettu,they put krishnar kaal and they do pooja for lord krishna offerings,muruku,thatai,vellai cheedai,upu chedai, thenkozhal,muthusaarai,appam,vella paayasam,vennai, thengai vethalai paaku,aval, vadai,thayir vadai,etc. slokam-narayaneeyam,vishnu sahasranamam,etc.

  • Gowri PoojaSimilar to varlakshmi pooja is done on the eve of vinnayakar chaturthi,for all these amman festivals karugumani is mandatory to be offered to goddess,and even in maangalyam ladies can wear in addition to gold and is safe nowadays because gold is capable of getting stolen.
  • 'vinaayakar chaturthi-on this day arukampul,mun vinaaykar is bought freshly and they do pooja for it,offerings- vellam pottu thengai kozhakattai,ellu kozakattai,ulundu kozhakatai,vella paayasam,APPAM ,VADAI,ETC.

in the evening,all residents go and visit nearby vinaayakar temples and on the 3rd day of this festival the mun vinaayakar is immersed in beach or well. slokam-ganesha pancharathnam,music -all famous songs in raagams hanmsadhwani and naatai,eg-mahaganapathim-naatai,vaatapi ganapathim,vinaayaka ninu-hamasadhwani, and many more

  • Purataasi Maadham famous for lord venkatachalapathy,many slokas,dance programmes,music concerts are all done in praise of lord narayana and brahmotsawam is done in thirupathi in grand scale.
  • Navarathri celebtrations for 10 days starting from mahalaya amaavasya,idols in the form of dolls are kept in many houses and invitations are prepared and get togethers are organised in a large scale,and daily offering to god is done in the form of vella paayasam and sundal(mandatory) and at least one lady is given a vethalai paaku during this time for every womans prosperity and family welfare,in the end of navarathri we have *saraswathi pooja .here students and elders keep books in front of this goddess and offer pooja for this goddess and all activities like studying,playing instrument are stopped just for a day in mark respect of this we have *vijayadasami ,this is a day next to saraswathi pooja where many students learn new art or skill in the form of music or violin or guitar or if they are already persuing any of these ,they learn a new song or composition in these.
  • Deepavalicrackers are burst ,new dresses are bought ,oil bath is taken and ganga snanam enquiry is done,all bakshanams are prepared in a large scale like mixture,bombay mixture,ordinary mixture,cornflex mixture, halwaa-cashnewnut,baadam,pista,wheet,pumpkin beetroot,carrot,laddus,kunjaladdu,rava laddu,manoharam,

maalaadu,payathalaadu,etc. apart from these madurai special items like vellaiyapam is prepared hot on diwali mornings

  • Karthigailord ayappas month,men generally start the fasting period for 40-45 days and special pooja and bhajans are sung in praise of lord ayappa and irumudi katti is done during this month and a team is formed and people go to sabarimalai every year.

chennai ayappan temple near chettinaad school r.a.puram is famous.famous song-kattu kattu sabarimalaiku kallum mullum kaaluku metthai,swaamiyee ayappa,ayaapaa,swaamiyee,swaami charanam ayapa charanam,ayapa charanam swaami charanam.

  • Karthigaideepam this is another festival in the month of kaarthigai where women light villaku and prepare pori urundai,vella paayasam appam and offer to god as neivedyam.

among the other festivals are id-ulfiter,Ramzaan,bakrid,etc are celebrated according to the movable dates and calender followed by people reading quran. some other festivals are christhmas-dec 25th,len period,good friday,easter sunday etc.apart from christmas all other dates are movable according to one followed in roman calendar, Annai Velankani Shrine festival for 10 days between august middle and september middle every year.

Tamil Nadu


The Tamil language is one of the oldest in the world still in use. It's spoken throughout Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu

Get in

Chennai is the main gateway to enter Tamil Nadu (TN), though one could enter TN from other towns/cities in the neighburing states. Chennai boasts of connectivity through air (to all important cities in India and to most of the South-East Asian/European cities by Major International Airlines), through road (Chennai is a major hub for the Golden Quadrilateral Highways project which links all major cities in India), rail (convenient train connections to all cities/towns in India) and sea. From Kerala, one could enter Coimbatore to go to other places in TN. From Karnataka, Hosur is the nearest TN town from Bangalore (Karnataka). The International Airports in TN are in Chennai - Anna International Airport, Chennai (flights to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Dubai, Bahrain, Colombo, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Mauritius etc.) Trichy - Trichy International Airport (flights to Colombo)

Other airports in TN: Madurai, Coimbatore and Tuticorin.

Chennai Railways: Chennai Central and Egmore stations provide connections to both outside and within the state.

Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus: Road Connections to all cities/towns in TN and also to major cities in neighbouring states.

Tamil Nadu

Get around

Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu

Stay safe

Tamil Nadu

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