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Ooaj Travel Guide, tourism, hotel reservation, residence, plane, cheap pension for you holidays in rotterdam

Free Travel guide A free travel guide for holidays. Hotels in rotterdam, Bed and Breakfast!

Erasmus bridge of RotterdamErasmus bridge of Rotterdam
Erasmus bridge of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is an industrial and commercial city in the Netherlands and part of the Randstad. There are approximately 600,000 people living in the city. The city was known for having the world's largest harbour, but lost the title in 2004 to Shanghai. It is the second city of The Netherlands after Amsterdam, which lies approximately 50 miles (80 kilometres) to the north. The city's street scenery is characterized by the large presence of people from North Africa, Turkey and the former Dutch colonies of Suriname, The Netherlands Antilles and Indonesia. The people tend to live together harmoniously, despite recent tensions between the native Dutch and Muslim population in The Netherlands.

It may feel difficult to get in touch with the heart of Rotterdam; it's natural centre was bombed away during WW2, forcing the city to renew itself completely. The result is a lot of modern architecture (for the architect freaks amongst us a must see!), but also a city that does not really have a heart or a centre. It might be a good idea to discover this city with a local guide. One may also find that visiting this city in spring or summer time is more enjoyable than in winter time, as Holland is a very rainy place and Rotterdam is a city that especially gains a lot of charm when the sun is shining.

When well prepared, Rotterdam is a place one can experience The Netherlands and Europe's mainland like one could never experience it any other place!

rotterdam Travel Guide :


Get in


By train

Rotterdam is one of the stops of the Thalys from Paris. From Rotterdam trains run to many destinations in the Netherlands, including to Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft, Eindhoven, Maastricht and GroningenGroningen, via ZwolleZwolle. Trains run to Rotterdam from Schiphol Airport every 30 minutes during the day. 1 (


By boat

You can also get to Rotterdam by ferry from England. Also is Rotterdam, the biggest port in the world, a place where you could try your luck for Freighter travel.


By plane

Rotterdam has a small airport. You can get here from London, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm and many more cities with low-cost airline Transavia. Bus 33 runs regularly and takes you to the city centre in 20 minutes, for a couple of euros.

You can also fly to Amsterdam (Schiphol) and take the train (about 50 minutes).


By Car

Rotterdam is easily reached by car. From Amsterdam take the A4 South to The Hague, change to the A13 to Rotterdam. From Utrecht take the A12 and change to the A20 just after GoudaGouda.


Get around

Rotterdam has a tramway and a metro system. But getting around by bike is still the fastest way to get from A to B within the city. The public transport system in Rotterdam is very well organized. There is a subway, busses and an extensive system of short distance city trains: Trams.

Subway Metro?s (Dutch name for Subway) depart every 4 minutes at daytime. At night they depart every 15 or 30 minutes. The Subway only has two lines but can take you far into the suburbs of the city.

Busses depart less often than trams or metro?s and bus-stops are not to be found on every street corner. The good thing though: they go a long distance, even into other surrounding cities and towns. If you want to find your way within the city you are best of traveling by Tram. There are plenty of lines and stops all over the city. The Tram allows you to travel quick and easy.

For using public transport you need to buy a 'strippenkaart' (see image on the right). Every time you take the bus, tram or subway you stamp 1 strip per zone plus 1 extra strip (The city is divided into zones). If you want to be sure just ask the conductor or the driver how much you have to stamp. You can buy your strippenkaart at any news stand, tobacco store, Train or subway station. If you don?t have a strippenkaart and you still want to travel by tram or bus, you can always buy a one way ticket in any tram or bus for ?1,60. Just ask the driver or the conductor.

It is not recommended to travel by tram without a valid traveling ticket. Almost every tram has a conductor and you will be asked to show your ticket. If you're caught without a ticket you will be fined with ? 30,--.


Of course, you can also travel by Taxi. But Rotterdam is not very big for Taxies. Even if you don?t have a car it is still very easy to get around by bike or public transport. But if you do need a taxi you will have to find yourself a taxi range or call one of the better taxi companies like: RTC (010-4626060) and St. Job (010-4257000). The fastest way to get a taxi is to call from a mobile or a street phone. The starting rate is ?2.50. Watch out for crooked cabdrivers. You'll recognise their faces and their cars if you're a bit streetwise.

Water Taxi

Rotterdam is build on a number of Islands and if you want to travel from shore to shore, the nicest way to go is to take the Water Taxi. This speedboat will escort you over the Maas to the Northern Island and back to the Mainland. They have over 250 landingstages from Dordrecht to Hoek van Holland, the Rijnmond area and all Rotterdam harbours. Call 010-4030303 or check the website.



  • The area around train station Blaak. The area was destroyed by a German bombardment during World War II, forcing the Netherlands to surrender. After the war, it has been reconstructed with all kinds of strange and fascinating buildings. Especially the Cube Houses are worth seeing.
  • Chinatown. Just walk out the front of Rotterdam central station and to the first intersection. You can't miss it!


  • Kunsthal: A very interesting museum, which often has modern and interesting exhibitions. If you're lucky, they might be showing something that interests you. ( )
  • World Museum: The World Museum Rotterdam showcases an extensive range of indigenous art and cultural items and currently houses a show of modern Moroccan art. 2 (
  • Take a harbour trip with a Spido boat ( ). Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world and it is worthwhile to pay a visit to it.

By public transport: From Rotterdam Central Station: by subway to Leuvehaven-station or by tram 5 to the terminus on Willemsplein

Tour information: Tel: +31-10-275 99 88. Fax: +31-10-412 47 88. Email:

  • Nightlife: Nightlife in Rotterdam is extremely various, every subculture has its own area in the city. The ?Oude Haven' close to the 'Kubuswoningen' and the main market square 'Blaak' is the hang out spot for business, economic and law students. The cafés and restaurants in the Oude Haven (Old Harbour) are located around a picturesque little harbour. Scenery of water, city lights, boats and 'Het Witte Huis', the first skyscraper of Europe (1897). The atmosphere is really great and it is best to go when the sun sets, very romantic! Great place for a night out.

The most lively bar area in town is Eendrachtsplein/ Nieuwe Binnenweg. Alternative, easy going and full of friendly, open-minded people. The cafés you should be looking for are Stalles, Parket and Rotown. This is the place to be for the more creative orientated people, musicians, designers and artschool students. Walk down de Nieuwe Binnenweg and arrive at Café Ari (Nieuwe Binnenweg/ Mathenesserlaan) and Westerpaviljoen (grand café with the best terrace in the city). This is a good place to start the evening. Walk a little bit (3 minutes) down the Binnenweg again and go left at ?s-Gravendijkwal (you'll see the flashy neon lights of sexclub OQ). Across the street you'll find Jazz Cafe Dizzy. A great place for a quality beer and some live jazz music. You can also eat at almost all places mentioned. Now walk back the Binnenweg up eastbound. Cross Eendrachtsplein and go to the right towards the Westersingel. Walk 3 minutes and on your left there is the Witte de Withstraat. Some nice café's like De Witte Aap, Mondriaan, Bar P, and De Schouw are located here, along with some good restaurants as well. This is also the most arty street of Rotterdam. Here you'll find The Dutch Photography museum ( , WDW centre for contemporary art, Showroom Mama ( and many more. Drinking in style! Around the Stadhuisplein (City Hall Square) area there is a group of bars. If you are into the whole ?drinkin till you drop? thing and singing along with the ?I just want beer and chicks? kind of music? go there.

  • There are two huge megacinema's. The one in the city centre is called Pathé Schouwburgplein (located at the Schouwburgplein), the otherone is on the southside of the city. It's called Pathé De Kuip (located next to the Feyenoord stadium De Kuip). In these cinema's you can see the Hollywood movies.
  • The Snerttram runs on weekends and provides a guided tour of Rotterdam along the tram routes for around 90 minutes. Extensive commentary is given in Dutch, but you can get some English too if requested. 3 (

If you're more into alternative cinema go to Lantaren/ Venster Cinema (Gouvernestraat 133). Here you'll get European, Asian and latin american cinema in a nice atmosphere.

The other option is Cinerama (Westblaak 18) which shows a combination of art/house films and commercial Hollywood flicks.



A shop where you can't buy anything, but get nice stuff anyway is the give-away shop at Hang 4, open Thursdays 12:00-13:30 and Tuesdays 17:00-22:00.



The area around metrostation Blaak, called "Oude haven" (Old Harbour), is not only worth seeing but has also a lot of pubs and restaurants.

  • Angelo Betti

Kitsch and arty, the real Italian thing. Angelo Betti. Whether you come for a dinner or a takeaway pizza, you always have to wait. But here everything is definitely worth the wait! And what?s so bad about having to wait a while when you can sit in the sun with a glass of great Italian wine in front of the restaurant? The good ingredients and the classy Italian waiters make the picture complete. In one word: fantastic! Schiekade 6a, C.S. Kwartier, Rotterdam t. 010 465 81 74 kitchen open 16.00-22.30 Italian kitchen, with a ice salon Cash only, real Italian pizza?s, hip/trendy, child friendly, no reservations, take away. Pizza ? 8 - Wine per bottle/glass ? 16,00/2,90

  • Eten

Take time to sit down and have a nice dinner night at Eten. (it just means 'food' in Dutch) This pretty classic but simple decorated restaurant just outside the centre of Rotterdam is specialized in fish and wines. The personal is friendly and not exaggerating in there politeness. The food is really pure, you will notice some exotic flavours and it?s not to expensive. A plus about this restaurant are the side dishes. The fact that they just spend a little more attention to the potatoes and other veggies make your meal worth paying for! Nieuwe Binnenweg 153, Tel: 010-4364474 - kitchen open till 22:30 Menu: starts around 28 euro. Glass of wine start with 4 euro. Bottle: 14 euro

  • Restaurant Cafe Lux

Nicely decorated Italian restaurant were you don?t just drop by for a simple pizza. As a matter of fact, they don?t even serve pizza. With the fine use of herbs, garlic and more interesting stuff that the Italian kitchen has to offer it is impossible to not like this food. The personal is professional and for what you get the prices are actually not to bad. In the summer you can eat outside (small square at the back). Sweet feature about this restaurant is that the chefs are working till 23:00, something that?s not very common is Rotterdam. For sure you?re going to love this one! 's-Gravendijkwal 133 Tel: 010-4762206 kitchen open till 23:00 Menu: starts around 30 euro. Glass of wine starts with 4 euro. Bottle of wine: 14 euro

  • Restaurant Soit

When you follow the Nieuwe Binnenweg towards the west-side of Rotterdam and u take a left on the ?s-Gravendijkwal you don't expect to find a nice cosy restaurant like Soit. This restaurant is well known for there good personal. The smile of the hostess towards her customers is genuine; she knows that they're going to enjoy their dinner. It's not really cheap and can be compared with Eten. They have a nice mix of French, Dutch, and Asian food. Definitely a good place for romantic dinners. Don't forget to make a reservation! 's-Gravendijkwal 136B, Rotterdam Tel: 010 - 436 31 14 - kitchen open till 22:30 Menu starts around 35 euro. Glass of wine starts with 4 euro. Bottle of wine: 15 euro

  • Restaurant Foody's

Remember the internet bubble, and the backstreet boys? Another left over from the 90?s is restaurant Foody?s, considering there interior. The restaurant is owned by the same guy as restaurant ?De Engel?, one of Rotterdam most famous restaurants. This restaurant is much cheaper, but really suitable for business diners. The choice of wines is enormous (abound 80 different bottles, and 40 by the glass), and they have a different (but small) menu almost every day. When you want to want to have some changes or you have some suggestions on the course of your choice they will be pleased to do so. Don?t let the static environment scare you! Nieuwe Binnenweg 151 Tel: 010-4365163 - kitchen times 18:00-23:00 Menu starts around 40 euro. Glass of wine starts around 5 euro. Bottle of wine: start abound 20 euro

  • Lokanta Dunya

The first floor is much like a Turkish market square. It?s fully decorated and cozy, the fake balcony and window pane complete the market square. Through a small staircase you reach the ?living room?. Tip: Enjoy the fresh baked bread before you start your dinner. They have a wood-heated oven that gives the food that extra authentic taste; some great wood-heated meals are stuffed zucchini and stuffed kofte. This place can be compared with the famous restaurant/hotel Bazar. But if you are looking for more intimacy, real good and honest food and quality in service and kitchen?this place is where you want to go!) Proveniersstraat 40a, C.S. Kwartier, Rotterdam t. 010 243 06 69 kitchen open 12.00-23.00, za-zo no lunch Turkish / Vegetarian kitchen takeaway, catering, no parking fee cheapest menu ? 6,50 Wine per bottle/glass ? 14,25 / 2,15

  • Stalles

This café at the Nieuwe Binneweg offers pizza's for ? 4,-- on Mondays and Tuesdays. The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxed and friendly. The menu furthermore features salads, sandwiches, tapas and more... The owner also owns Club Vibes, around the corner. Nieuwe Binnenweg 9, tel: 010 4361655

  • Rotown

This is 'the' place in town for creative people. Or it used to be, because lots of people now go to the next-door café's Stalles and Parket. Rotown has a restaurant with decent food for a decent price. The daily changing menu (meat, fish and vegeterian) costs around ? 9,-- and usually you'll get something nice. After eating you can go watch a band or drink your drink in the café. Nieuwe Binnenweg 19, tel: 010 4362669

  • Café Restaurant Sijf

Very nice old-looking bar. They also serve food for a reasonable price. Try the grilled beef with Spanish pepper and garlic! Wanna have a nice Belgium beer that gets u all fuzzy? They have a awesome Belgium beer called ?la Chouffe?(the midget) on draft?Tasty!!! In weekend open till 2:00. A good start for the evening. Oude Binnenweg 115



  • Parket

Small but friendly bar in the heart of Rotterdam. This nice place for young people is well known for it?s good music, and friendly staff. Every night can be different, u never know what to expect. Take your cigarettes (or not), sit down, and see the variety of people that walks in. On Thursdays they have a DJ night, every week a different style. Special drinks: ?dingetje?or a ?spatje? Don?t feel uncomfortable if you get a bit drunk, everyone in here is! In weekends open till 2:00. Cheers! Nieuwe Binnenweg 9

  • De Consul & Volcano bar

Just before u feel like going to Will?ns en Wetens (see further down this page), u have to go to Café de Consul. Nobody can say no! Sometimes way too loud heavy metal music, really wasted people, and a Dutch beer on draft that?s famous for giving u a headache the next morning?but?take a look upstairs and make a wicked dance in they Volcano-bar, order a nice cold bottle of Hertog-Jan beer (without the headache), and find a nice boy or girl who is willing to take you home, or who just wants to share a taxi. Check out there funky-alternative beer-garden in the back! Don?t make to much trouble, they have bouncers! Open till 4:00! Westersingel 28

  • Will?ns en Wetens

Forgot your name, can hardly walk, and had so much beer that you can?t see the difference between your socks and underpants? No worries! When all bars are closed you can always go to the Will?ns en Wetens. You don?t wanna be around there when your sober, u don?t wanna be around there when u hate drunk people and maybe even under the influence of other products, but u DO wanna be aound when u like burping, like whiskey (40 kinds), like weird conversations, and like Heineken! Open till the last person walks out. Nieuwe Binnenweg 111-A

  • Grand café Westerpaviljoen

Rotterdammers like to read there newspaper here. For a solid breakfast (Dutch ?wentelteefjes?), good lunch, or a fast meeting Westerpaviljoen is a perfect place. Hang out on there huge and fantastic terrace, drink a nice glass of Amstel or Hoegaarden White beer. Open till 2:00 in the weekend. Nieuwe Binnenweg 136

  • Le Vagabond

Old bar in Rotterdam were u can find characteristic ?Rotterdammers? It is a ?u-have-to-know-people?-bar, but the live music is worth a visit. Have a drink, and enjoy their old-school bar style. A bar how a bar has to be! Open till 2:00, but often later?. Nieuwe Binnenweg 99

  • De Stoep

Are you a college?s student, and u want to hang out with other college students? Then the bif bar De stoep (means, the sidewalk) is your meeting place for a nice young boy or girl. Don?t dress too alternative, get drunk, en see how crazy Erasmus students are. In weekends open till 2:00, during the week till 1:00 Oostzeedijk 334,336,342

  • Pol Bar

Nice looking bar with modern solid patio. Crowd can be sort of posh sometimes, but don?t let that scare u to much. Right next to the market (Thuesday and Thursday), and they won some prices With there sandwiches. In weekends open till 2:00. Meent 46-48



If you would like to sleep inexpensively, you might like to check the Mafkees Hostel (

Another youthhostel is: Stayokay ( Rochussenstraat 107-109.


Get out

  • Take a day trip out to the Delta WorksDelta Works in Zeeland
  • Go to the other cities of the Randstad - eg The Hague is only half an hour by train.
  • Most of the Netherlands is quite accessible from Rotterdam, it's not such a large country; eg Utrecht is around 45 mins by train, Amsterdam about an hour.

Stay in touch

There is an EasyInternet cafe not too far from Central Station. It is be found across the main road from the Stadhuis (Town Hall), also a stop on the Metro.

Outside of the centre there are a lot of callhouses. Most of the feature internet aswell.


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